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On the Idea of Telling It Like It Is

Posted in Uncategorized by Curtis on 9/3/06

Doesn’t that sound so pedantic? So egotistical?

Actually, it’s just a Neville Brothers song. And a good one, at that. Fine, fine R&B tune.

It’s an invitation to the absurd. I think everyone should tell it like it is. It’s just the kind of esprit de corps we need around here, is all I’m sayin’. If I’m the only one who’s tellin’ it like it is, then we can’t argue about how it is; like Clinton before us, we’ll be each of us doomed to our respective perpetual misgivings about what ‘is’ is, and how lame is that?  

I’m just tryin’ to be provocative, in a constructive way, with my usual twisted sense of humor. That’s all.

So tell it! Find a post and say something about it! With your thoughts on board, I might be inspired to actually improve it. But alone, well . . . <trembling sigh>

Also, I’m pleased to see that, at least for the moment, if you do a Google search on “tell it like it is” you’ll find me at the bottom of the front page. It’s all part of my ploy to attract as many Neville Brothers fans as possible.

Fine, fine R&B tune, that one.

My next essay will be called “On American History and the American Future.” If you haven’t already, you should check out the Martian Anthropologist…one of my favorite blogs so far.

Take it easy, I’ll be back sooner than you’d like.



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