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9/11 Propaganda Ops to Intensify On 9/11 – Congressional Elections Pending

You know, I could make this into a long, drawn out, rambling observation; and I might make some important points in the process. But I think it’s best if, for this particular topic, I keep it sorta short and sweet.

On 9/11/06, which is, of course, the fifth anniversary of you-know-what, CNN plans to celebrate by broadcasting the whole day’s worth of coverage from the tragedy so that we can all relive it again. It will be as if America is under attack once more, just for old times’ sake.

ABC is planning to air a special on the subject which will highlight the shortcomings of the Clinton administration in dealing with Islamic extremist terrorists. Like all good propaganda, there will be elements of truth to what is broadcast.

The idea is to emotionally coerce Americans and people elsewhere into feeling, if not quite believing, that the western world is under attack now, as always; this will ensure votes for Republican congressmen, for whom “national security” will be the mantra summoning voters to the booths this fall, as is to be expected of late. This is because the Republican Party, obviously, is the only one that cares about our safety. Ah, me… Let me make it clear that I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican enthusiast, but I think it’s self-evident that the Democrats have the better domestic record at this point, and that the foreign policy agendas of the Republicans are…somewhat exotic for these tired times. If the Republicans are allowed to dominate Congress once more, you can count on war with Iran and the continued escalation of our obscene national debt, not to mention that the possibility of the reinstatement of conscription will, I expect, approach a reality.

Please don’t succumb. Remember and honor the sacrifices and tragedies of September 11, 2001, but in the context in which they belong: the past. If you do insist on watching, please remember as you do so that there are American troops and Iraqi civilians dying in droves the whole while, and don’t forget to ask yourself what you’re seeing on TV could possibly have to do with any of that.

Thank you.


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  1. Gracie said, on 9/8/06 at 10:11 am

    Words of wisdom, as always!

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