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IAEA Says Congressional Report on Iran Nuclear Activities is Unfair and Distorted

Posted in foreign policy, Iran, middle east, Social and Politics by Curtis on 9/14/06

The BBC reports that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in a leaked letter to US officials, has said that a congressional report on Iran’s developing nuclear program contains “serious distortions” of the agency’s own findings.

Representative Rush Holt countered by saying “this report was not ready for prime time.” In other words: “I’ve just been caught with my pants down,” so to speak.

The letter, which comes from seniormost IAEA officials, says that the US is wrong to accuse Iran of producing weapons-grade plutonium because such a conclusion cannot be reached solely on the basis of the evidence at hand.

When has evidence mattered? It certainly didn’t play a leading role in the 2003 invasion and continued occupation of Iraq.

The IAEA also takes strong issue with the report’s statement that an IAEA inspector was removed from the field because of concerns about deception on the part of Iran’s leadership. Iran dismissed this leading inspector, as it has a right to do, but the details of his dismissal were much more complex and the IAEA says that this characterization of the conflict is irresponsible and misleading.

A western diplomat has called Washington’s interpretation of IAEA material “déja-vu of the pre-Iraq war period.”

The procedure appears to be the same: if evidence contradicts or is not fully supportive of the predetermined aims of the White House, it can easily be distorted and adjusted to fit the bill, with virtually no outcry from the taxpaying public in America.


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  1. Gracie said, on 9/15/06 at 1:19 pm

    Yes, deja vu all over again. I appreciate you posting this valuable piece of information that will get little coverage on the mainstream media.

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