can’t see the forest

“Graduation Night” by Ben Garner

Posted in drinking and driving, High School, Life, Poetry, Prose and Poetry by Curtis on 9/26/06

From my good friend Ben down in Dixie. Pretty chilling and thought-provoking, and very well-conceived as a piece of prose art. It looks better on his page, but you can get the effect.


[Special note: Thought I’d repost this old blog I posted few years ago on another site :) ]

Graduation ceremony.  Jake feels a great swell of pride as his name is called.  He steps up to the stage, walks toward the principal, and shakes his hand.  The principal hands him the diploma  He knows his entire family and friends are snapping photos at the moment.  Great exhilaration and bittersweet passage thru the rite of adulthood.  Hats tossed up into the air as the ceremony concludes.  Hugs and kisses of many friend and families.  Dinner party with entire family.  Phone call from another classmate inviting to graduation bash tonight at his lake house.  Friends gather at sunset. 
Lake glitters in the moonbeam.  Popular music played by deejays.  Swaying bodies and animated conversations of the wide world before them.  Jake never had felt so great, his future looming near.  Distinguished college vying for him, because of his excellent athletic and scholastic skills.  Scholarship everywhere.  Dreams within grasp.  Jake shared his feeling with his best friend and talked about girls in college. 

Drinking beers and laughing over memories of high school years.           

He and couple of friends decide to go over to Jake’s house to get his special CD he burned on his computer.  

           Jake’s friend jokes, “Hope it’s not Barry Manilow”                             
                                        Silly pushes and riotous laughter.

            Trees passing by under starry sky.                                

                      Sighs of pleasure in their newfound freedom.

“There’s the whole wide world waiting for us, Jake”

                                                “Yeah man, I’m so thrilled”

            “Man I can’t wait for college!”

                                       “Yeah me too, I just wanna scream”

“Let’s do it!”                                       

                                   Wild laughter, windows rolling down.

            Screams of excitement fill the car and set a flock of bird off into the sky.


                                                            “Hey man watch out!”

            Bright lights.

                                                                               Squealing tires.

                                    Crunching metal.          

                                                                        Rending flesh.



                                                                                                            No future.

>>>>Please, don’t drink and drive.<<<<


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