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The PedoFile Welcomes All: Mark Foley, Come On In!!!

Posted in News, News and politics, Politics, Scandals by Curtis on 10/3/06

From the political party that brought you a return to Bible-Belt-apple-pie American values in the face of those godless Democrats, it’s a scandal that combines high-tech instant messaging with good old-fashioned pederasty!

By now we’re all aware of the gross and disturbing IMs sent by Congressman Mark Foley (R-Fla.) to a sixteen year-old office boy. The messages included a pic request. But for GOP strategists, the most damaging aspect of the scandal may be that GOP leaders such as House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) have been accused of attempting to cover up the allegations against Foley so as not to interfere with the coming mid-term elections.

The Washington Post reports that some analysts say the biggest worry is that many members of the GOP’s Christian conservative base will be moved to question their party’s claim to represent “real American values” and other such dubious emotive concepts.

The voice of reason says that you can’t judge the tenets of an entire party on the perversion of one of its officers. That’s true. Democrats have been involved in some pretty high-profile liaisons dangereux themselves. But when the party’s senior leadership appears to have moved to cover up this atrocity to save face in an election…well, that’s just not pretty.

If you were planning to vote Republican, I say: go ahead. In my humble opinion, if personal little travesties like this are all that’s keeping you from pulling for the elephant, you might need some glasses to correct political myopia. This Foley scandal is an ugly scenario, indeed, but it’s not an adequate representation of the tragedies of Republican policy, or of the Republican political ethos of late, which says that personal values are more important than policy agendas in terms of governing a nation.

I don’t like Repubs and I don’t like Democrat stalwarts. I’m a political black sheep. But if the Democrats are able to use the Republicans’ own nearsighted ethic-bashing, mud-slinging, issue-ignoring, getting-personal tactics against them, I say: bray, donkey. Bray. And kick up some more dust while you’re at it.



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  1. judas said, on 10/3/06 at 12:11 pm

    He didn’t lie under oath about it like Bill Clinton did, and the boy was NOT underage according to the laws of the District of Columbia, where age of consent is 16. So what’s the fuss all about?

  2. tellitlikeitis said, on 10/3/06 at 3:58 pm

    Hmmmm…I don’t know, what is all the fuss about? And why the cover-up job from Hastert? You’d think he would have banged the gavel in session and would have announced:

    “This congressman has done nothing wrong. He didn’t lie under oath like Clinton, and the boy was clearly a man of 16. So let it be entered into record.”

    So I guess we should ask the Speaker what all the fuss is about.

  3. Bridget said, on 10/13/06 at 9:45 am

    Well where do I began…. I am so sick of hearing how a child is missing or a child found dead, every time I turn my TV on I see someone has been arrested or accused of molesting a child, I am sick of it, I say to myself what can I do, how can I help, where do I start? I am so full of compassion and love for all children, children of all races, I am a white women and i see children of other races the same as my children I love them all!!!! children are innocent baby’s are helpless and people that hurt them need to be terminated!! People that have children need to raise them to love and to be kind because I believe that adults that harm others were once children that was harmed in some way, it has to start somewhere. I am not rich nor do I hold a college degree but I am a human that wants to see some action, what I see is all the politicians with their hands out not reaching for children in need but taking money, money given to them by people that don’t give a damn about our children. I don’t give 2 shits about the space shuttle yeah its great you can see thing a billion miles away from the Earth wow! and it’s expensive! how about spend some money on the well-being of children. I want to see a foundation that finds children I want to see all these loopholes closed what I mean by that is remember John Mark Carr the wacko that said he “made love” to a 6 year old child and then killed her, remember him well he is now walking a free man, he is free because of a loophole, the courts lost his computer a computer that had pictures of nude children even if they had the computer more than likely he would have been charged with a misdemeanor because he didn’t kill the child he claimed he killed. That man needs to be terminated not rehabilitated!! Oh I am also talking to those people that don’t believe in the death penalty how about a pedophile rapping and killing their child their grandchild, their niece or nephew. what would they think then; how about spend more time killing child rapers and pedophiles instead of trying to save them and rehabilitate them and there will be less child killers, I promise that! Want proof ask Jessica Lunsford’s Daddy ask Polly Klaas’s Daddy I am sorry to mention names my hart and prayers go out to those men and those that have had their children taken from them. we as humans need to get together and demand these missing children to be found and kidnapping be stopped. I know there are tons of foundations for missing children and they all are appreciated. some how I think they all need to get together and combine a power house that bulldozes the politicians & force them to make laws that have no loop holes. How tough can it be when a person is found guilty by DNA that he has killed a child or has raped someone, that person needs to be killed immediately right then. Sounds harsh huh well tell me how harsh does this sound, a little tiny 8 year old girl taken from her bed toted to a landfill savagely beaten and raped strangled left for dead under a pile of concreate, that sounds pretty shitty huh well the person that did that to her was a family friend and he was the person that made the 911 call to report her missing, Well good news the little tiny barley breathing 8 year old girl was found, nice ending “kind of”. the guy that did that is in jail OH and the lawyers want to protect people like that and not put them in the regular jail population pretty sick huh, that sick bastard deserves the treatment those other inmates give him. We as parents need to keep a closer eye on our children. I love the websites that shows you if a pedophile lives in your neighborhood. those web sites are wonderful!! tracking child molesters good idea, now lets get something clear I know the difference between a child molester that preys on children and a person 18 year old and has sex with a 16 year old big difference!! huge! yes in some states its against the law and when u break the law u should be punished, I believe that those cases need to be labeled different, how about this HAVE SEX WITH A CHILD, TOUCH A CHILD INAPPROPRIATELY AND U DIE. period the end. Tell me what in the hell is up with DCF ( Department of Children and Family’s) I could never work with that organization. DCF has people calling their 800 number reporting parents all day every day sad part 98% of the calls coming in are false those calls are from people trying to reek havoc on other people, liars that have nothing better to do and you people know who you are. That wastes so much time for the DCF and in my opinion it kills children because it takes time away from children that are really in need. Now one thing I do know is there was a call that came in on a mother in Florida I shouldn’t mention names but what do I care if I hurt someones feelings wrong is wrong any way Melinda Duckett threaten her baby & someone called the abuse hot line well DCF came out and investigated they handed that baby back to her and now he is missing and she killed her sorry ass. what now DCF? what now? I tell you there are so many sick and twisted freaks out there. I do kn ow one thing that will help DCF if people make false claims and they are found to be false that liar needs to spend a little time picking up trash or scooping up shit some where. maybe that would help people make the right call. Gee glad that’s off my chest. Now back to my hart…First thing, we put the tough laws in place & we need to find all missing children. teach kids in school u hurt others u will be hurt and if u love and be kind u will be loved whats wrong with that? you know I want some feed back on this. please pass this on to everyone and I want to hear what you think. not only that I want to see you help make a difference.
    I want to hear ideas on how we can get these babies back to their families and keep our children safe. these children ARE our future!
    Hey thanks for your time I feel much better now

  4. tellitlikeitis said, on 10/13/06 at 10:54 am

    Child abuse or molestation is definitely one of the sickest crimes imaginable. It’s obviously an issue you feel strong about.

    In this particular case we’re talking about a Congressman sending instant messages to a 16 year-old; while gross and inappropriate, I don’t think that really qualifies at the level you’re speaking of, obviously.

    Just be careful with your anger, alright? Be very careful. It’s enough to make anyone want to start throwing stones, to think of what happens to some of these kids. I’m sure that’s especially true of Moms. But you have to have principles before anger, and emotions can cloud justice just as much as loopholes in the law.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Victor Fairechild said, on 1/18/07 at 1:46 am

    Google is the best search engine

  6. Mr nobody said, on 3/18/07 at 1:47 pm

    Do you know that these people come from all walk of live they are your kids!

    Teachers,Policemen,fireman and babysitters and the parents invite them right in to there house!

    If you have child you need to know who you are letting in your front door!

    Could be a friend of yours husband or there child you never know!
    They think that society going to accecpt them in to society for who they are!

    You wouldn’t believe the strange names they come up with to get there kicks off!
    Like here one he calls him self “”him”” that strange must be something wrong with these people!

    Take that name an put boylover in serach box on google an see what turns up!

    That what these sick people are calling them self!

  7. farris said, on 10/1/08 at 12:58 am

    i think if we are like that.. then we are suppose be doing it. do u know what happens to sex offenders in this country just for having the pedophile dna? women pedophiles are made into sex slave for being that way and the government uses powers against us and fuccs are minds up and bodys up u fucking bitch.. if god created the dna that makes us like that then we should be like that and doing it

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