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New Theme: Chaotic Soul

Posted in Blogging, WordPress Themes by Curtis on 11/5/06

I’m a sucker for light-on-dark, so I had to give the new Chaotic Soul WordPress theme the old college try.

I like the sleekness. It’s totally awesome how my widgets just imported right over. And I’ll put up with just about anything to have light-on-dark rather than the more common reverse. I’m not so big on the tee-niny print (I’m horribly nearsighted) but maybe I can get over it—let me know how you feel about it. Also, I wish that all the acreage on the left side of the page were taken advantage of…but I also think (and I know this is weird, but I’m serious) that the thin column will help me to exercise discipline in writing.
Really I dig the Hemingway theme even more, but the ‘bottombar’ concept is one I can’t abide. I like my widgets on the side, thank you very much. Am I picky? Speakin’ of pickin’, see below.


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  1. aeileen said, on 11/5/06 at 7:57 am



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