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Skip C. on FOX News and Neocon Scare Tactics

Triumph of the Will - Still Image

From Tsunami of Blood, Chapter 99:

I smell Karl Rove! The fear monger in chief of the Bush administration appears to have influenced his friends at Fox News to air a horrific diatribe of hate 3 days before the election. You ought to watch it, just so you understand the ploy…

…It seems the producers wish to bathe in the reflected light of Leni Riefenstahl, whose Triumph of the Will was a centerpiece of Adolph Hitler’s early propaganda campaign. Whisper who dares! …

…The problem with fear mongering is it stems from the premise that these problems can be fixed with military power and dominance. They cannot!…

The sooner we understand that the days of the propagandist and hate monger are over…the sooner we can all get back to building a place where humanity can live with due respect for one another and our fragile planet.

A tremendous post which deserves your full attention. Thank you, Skip!


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  1. Skip Conover said, on 11/6/06 at 10:05 pm

    Thanks, Curt. Please take a look at the links on “What Skip Read Today.” Everyone in the World is hanging on the results of the elections; especially in Virginia and New Jersey. We may be the only ones who get to vote; but it matters to everyone how we vote! Best regards, Skip

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