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Electionitis: Roll Out the Blue Carpet to the Dark Tower

Democrats Recapture House of Representatives With Fifteen Seats, First Blue House in Twelve Years.

Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to Become First Female Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Democratic Control of Senate Likely to Hinge on Virginia Dead-Heat; Races in Missouri and Montana Also Too Close to Call as Yet.

It’s been real, and it’s been fun—but the real fun might conceivably entail a lengthy Virginia recount.

Is anyone seeing a pattern here? Can anyone logically explain how, in a nation of about 200,000,000 entitled voters, some of the most consequential elections (Bush, 2000; Senate, 2006) keep coming down to tenths-of-points in this state or that one?

Election 2006

Some of you will know that, unlike Louise the Cat, I am an enthusiast of neither major standing political party in the United States. They are each of them in my view the party of big business interests, gunship diplomacy, and their respective brands of hegemony. Different flavors of ice cream each sweetened with foul Splenda. Neither of them stands for the full potential of participatory democracy, as far as I can tell. Neither has very much to offer, at present, in the way of sustainable, ecologically and humanely sound policies and worldviews so long as there is a buck to be made at the expense (real or potential) of another. There is no consideration for workers’ rights on either end of the chamber, beyond mere rhetoric at election-time.

But in a United States possessed by the most brazenly corrupt and ideologically fixated executive in its history, I would be nothing short of insane to wish to see a legislature under the continued domination of the White House’s party of choice. This is aside from any number of considerations in which the Democrats have long come nearer my points of view than those who would gaily trample the world in a fear-driven, high-minded, self-absorbed and cruelly cynical stampede of elephants.

As elections go, the 2006 Mid-Terms are crucial indeed. What has occurred in the House and in states across the Union clearly constitutes a victory for those appalled by the brutishly dogmatic policies and actions of the current administration and its cohorts in one of the most servile legislatures in memory. Celebrations are in order, but there is much more to think about than there was on Monday. To use a rough analogy from Tolkien’s Middle-earth: we have shut up Saruman in his white tower of Orthanc, but Barad-Dur, the Dark Tower of his Master, still stands. Its reach still grows.

Bush and Co. didn’t receive the carte blanche for which they’d surely hoped. That’s a definite plus. But unless the Democrats can pull off a Senate majority, will we face a crunching gridlock where we might have expected meaningful change? I’ll ask it—it hurts, but I will: Will the results be as dramatic as many of us might have hoped?

Tuesday was a good day for the ramshackle democratic process we enjoy in this nation. But it’s only one day closer to 2008.

Your thoughts? For the short-term, I’m following as closely as I can the action in Montana and Missouri. In the meantime, watch those Virginia ballots. Don’t take your eyes off ’em, not even for a second.

As the results come in, I predict a nation more divided than before, not less. Earlier this evening, James Carville—I don’t relish quoting the man, but I think he’s right—indicated, from his analysis of the statistics, a further retreat of the Republican Party into the ideological Mordor heartland of the Deep South which I, with a bittersweet taste (not unlike that of Splenda), proudly call home. That can only mean one thing: further confusion of sound conservative philosophy with undereducated, overpreached fundamentalist tenets oblivious to the tides of change which they themselves have called forth.

If we are to be a truly United States of America, it is my heartfelt contention that we must become it not merely by exercising our appointed rights at the ballots, though it surely is our solemn duty to do so. If we are to find a common ground, we must search the highlands wherein the big questions dwell. It is my belief that we are talking about software when we should be talking hardware, or at least BIOS; not about who is to be our captain, but about where our ship is headed, and why. If our forefathers hadn’t done the same at their peril, there would not be a U.S. of A. Thomas Paine, where are you?

The change of scenery in Washington is sweet—but is it artificial? Better some change than none at all. But in my opinion, we deserve a hearty pat on the back for what we’ve accomplished tonight. Not a damn thing more.

Eye of Sauron


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  1. Mosquito said, on 11/8/06 at 1:52 am

    Yes…we all deserve a pat on the back for this hard won victory…but it’s simply one major battle…

    I agree with you we need a multi-party system in America…preferably with public financing and making it illegal for any elected official to accept money or gifts…..

    Your blog is a real beauty…Buzz…Buzz…

  2. Curtis said, on 11/8/06 at 5:14 am

    Thank you. I’m not sure I can explain why I’ve got Tolkien on the brain…some sort of subconscious escapism? Who knows. It just seemed fitting at the time.

  3. Bluebear2 said, on 11/8/06 at 10:37 am

    This is just a start and it will take much work to undo the last 6 years of damage done to this country. We must hold the Dems to the task now that we have given them the reigns. Just sitting back and wallowing in their success will not cut it.
    Change must be accomplished.

  4. zilla said, on 11/8/06 at 3:52 pm

    Gosh, dare I feel a tiny bit hopeful? Came back hoping for a remark about this afternoon’s announcements, btw.

    Locally, we didn’t fare as well as I’d hoped. But that’s Michigan for you. And northern Michigan, especially. You’ll find me grumbling under my rock until 11/08. Ugh.

  5. zilla said, on 11/8/06 at 3:53 pm

    PS I am really grooving on the new color scheme. You match my sweater today!

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