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Jim Webb to Win Virginia – US Senate, House to be Led by Democrats

Posted in Elections, News, News and politics, Politics, USA by Curtis on 11/9/06

MSNBC reports:

WASHINGTON – In a rout once considered almost inconceivable, projections had Democrats winning control of the Senate and thus both Houses of Congress after 12 years of near-domination by the Republican Party.

Projections by NBC News and The Associated Press showed that Democrats completed their sweep Wednesday evening by ousting Republican Sen. George Allen of Virginia, the last of six GOP incumbents to lose re-election bids in a midterm election marked by deep dissatisfaction with the president and the war in Iraq.

Jim Webb (D-Va.)

 The current tally is: Webb – 1,172,538 to Allen – 1,165,302, for a difference of just 7,236 votes.

The Allen campaign has not yet conceded, but an official speaking on condition of anonymity said that the Republican has “absolutely no intention of dragging this out.”

With the Democrats already soundly in control of the House of Representatives, the new narrow lead of 51 Democrats and Independents to 49 Republicans in the Senate will mean a blue aura on Capitol Hill for the first time since…before Britney Spears.

The extent of changes to come, of course, remains to be seen, and is not likely to be as dramatic as forecast—particularly in Iraq, where the executive retains final authority, although Rumsfeld’s retirement is expect to weigh in the direction of a little bit of pragmatism, for the love of God.

An official announcement closing the Virginia Senate race is expected to come as early as this evening.





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