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Rumsfeld Diminishes into the West

United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has handed in his resignation.

“Soon,” said President George W. Bush, “I will accompany Dark Lieutenant Rumsfeld to the Grey Havens where Cirdan the Shipwright has prepared a vessel to ferry him across the Great Sea to the Blessèd Realm of Valinor. Since Don has always kept a barn full of shiny metal things, we feel he’ll be a great help to Aulë in his divine smithery.”


Sen. Joseph Liebermann (I-Ct.) really said: “Thanks, Don, you’ve served the country, but really we need somebody new.”

Secy. Rumsfeld has endured harsh criticism from within his own department and without, mostly related to his persistence in pursuing policies that…er…don’t work. If we believe Bob Woodward, even First Lady Laura Bush was in on the mutiny.

Former CIA head Robert Gates has been tapped to replace everyone’s favorite politician/imagist poet.

Most disturbing to me, perhaps, was the mention of the White House that Bush and Rumsfeld had discussed this move in earnest last weekend, planning to act based on how the Republicans fared in the mid-term elections. Does that tell you what it tells me? And what does it tell the servicepeople in Iraq?


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