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Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Talk if US Changes Behavior

Posted in Iran, iraq, Iraq War, middle east, News, News and politics, Politics, USA by Curtis on 11/14/06

The BBC reports:

The Iranian president said his country sought positive interaction with the entire world, including the US, if the country changes its behaviour.

“We will talk to the US government under certain conditions. Should it correct its behaviour, we will talk to them,” Mr Ahmedinejad said during a press conference.

The BBC’s Tehran correspondent, Frances Harrison, says Iran is essentially re-stating its position – that the US must stop interfering in the internal affairs of other nations before any discussions can begin.

Contrary to popular belief in the United States, in which Iran can scarcely be seen by many as anything other than an agitator, Tehran has both much to contribute to and much to gain from the stabilization of Iraq. The dissolution of the Hussein regime opens up new opportunities for exchange between the two countries, but leaders in Iran want assurance that the White House does not intend to use Iraq as a stepping stone to further impose its will throughout the Middle East. The time could not be more ripe for the US and Iran to stop pointing fingers and to start shaking hands.


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  1. Curtis said, on 11/16/06 at 3:44 am

    Thank you for this article, and for making a good point.

    As an individual, there is no question in my mind that internal reforms, particularly in the area of justice and citizens’ rights, are long overdue in Iran to put it very mildly.

    My question is what pressure from outside political influences can accomplish in this regard. Particularly under the current administration in Iran, I suspect the answer to be “nothing.”

    So while I could not be more sympathetic to this cause, I am highly doubtful that this “business” can come first under the auspices of geopolitics. The key to the lock of this sort of reform lies within Iran’s own borders, not without. Those circumstances may change over time, but the issue must remain at least partially disconnected from US-Iran relations for now if there is to be any facilitating progress made it all. Wrong or right, that’s my analysis on this one at present.

  2. H said, on 11/16/06 at 7:30 am

    I don’t know the answer either.
    Years ago, Rafsanjani addressing indirectly the activities of some progressive said in a Friday prayer ceremony: Do not count on West we can buy them all with a contract.
    Indeed Europe, mainly France in order to run his deals, has even closed eyes on murders on its own soil.
    This strong business partnership is seen as “legitimating” those in charge.

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