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Darfur: The Decider, The Decider; Wherefore Art Thou The Decider?

The Guardian reports:

Sudan has agreed in principle to allow the establishment of a joint African Union and UN peacekeeping force in an effort to solve the crisis in Darfur, but has stopped short of setting the number of troops, Kofi Annan said yesterday.

After talks in Ethiopia, it emerged the force could be as large as 17,00 additional UN troops, on top of the existing African Union (AU) peacekeeping force of 7,000. . .

. . . More than 200,000 people have died in three years of conflict, and 2 million have fled their homes to camps where violence and sexual assault are common. In recent days, pro-government militia known as janjaweed have increased attacks on villages, killing dozens of people. In one raid, the janjaweed – backed by government troops – forced children into a thatched hut, set it ablaze, and killed parents who tried to rescue the children, the non-Muslim rebels said.

There are those who wish you seriously to believe that US foreign policy is about benevolence and respect for humanity. Unless sweet crude is a country’s principal export, such trivialities are relegated to the United Nations and the African Union. No support from Crawford is to be expected.

I am all for local solutions to local crises. When this is not practiceable, international cooperation and intervention are sometimes an appropriate alternative. My point is merely that, if 200,000 deaths in three years aren’t cause enough for some decision making in cowboy diplomacy while other nations are being unilaterally and perpetually occupied on wholly false pretexts, then isn’t The Decider doing a bit of six-shooting at his own ‘wanted’ poster?


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