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FBI Releases Details on ‘Harsh Techniques’ at Guantanamo

al-Jazeera reports:

Documents released on Tuesday by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation focused on harsh interrogation techniques used by military officials and contractors at Guantanamo Bay. FBI agents documented more than two dozen incidents of possible mistreatment at the prison, including seeing a military interrogator squat over the Quran in order to anger a prisoner and a detainee whose head was wrapped in duct tape . . .Bryan Whitman, a defence department spokesman said: “The idea that this is new is misguided and misleading. “These are things the department has thoroughly investigated and where allegations have been substantiated, disciplinary action has been taken.”



Mr. Whitman is exactly correct. This kind of flagrant abuse of power is not new; many in the White House, the Pentagon, and in the US intelligence community have long felt that the same international conventions which they dictate to others do not apply to their own government. That’s what the ‘national security’ card is for, in many instances.


I apologize to my friends abroad for the self-righteous pomposity and frightening callousness of the elected and unelected government of my country.


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