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What’s Going On in Somalia?

Mirrored from Reclaiming Space (up there in Australia), we have wise words from a circumspective and descriptive post from Somali-Canadian activist Amina Mire. The full text can be found here.

It is in this context that it is critically important to examine how Bush administration and his neocon cabals came to conflact very idea of “peace and security” for western citizens with war on “Islamic terror”. So that the war on Islamic terror, and “peace and security” for the west, in turn, requires a perpetual war on Muslims. The result has been an endless suffering and destruction of human lives, cultures and communities that neither brings peace to the west nor reduces terrorist incidents against western citizens and interests around the world. The latest Bush administration’s backing of Meles Zenawi’ illegal invasion of Somalia shows the futility of this strategy. Consequently, we need to question the conceptual basis of Bush’s global war on terror…

…This discussion is urgent in light of Bush administration’s deliberate escalation of the conflict in Somalia. This is because Somalis have suffered so much already. The country has been without central authority since 1991. There is no shred of evidence that Somalia pose a security threat to the US or the West; nor there is any shred of evidence that Islamists in Somalia are providing safe heaven for Al Qaida or other terrorist groups. In the context, the utter humiliation of Somalis in the hands of their historical enemy, Ethiopia, the current US support for Ethiopian invasion of Somalia will, most certainly, create wide spread of hatred toward the US, where there was none before.


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