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Out of the Darkness

Posted in Blogging, Personal, WordPress Themes by Curtis on 2/7/07

You spoke, and I heard. The Chaotic Soul theme, which I thought was immensely cool but which admittedly had…um…some ergonomic issues, is gone. I really do care about my readers and I don’t want you to have to strain to read. Sorry it took so long to enact meaningful change.

I really like the looks of this one, and I do get bored of the same old theme after a few months. Until I start fooling with CSS later in the spring this will have to do. A splash of color, text which is more clear (if still a bit small, but your browser can enlarge it), and a customizable header are all welcome on this end. Of course, it’s going to make old posts look even weirder than they already did, and, no, I don’t have time to fix them up purty. Well, not all of them.

This post from Labor Day has been getting an awful lot of attention lately; I’m not sure why. If I could do a rewrite then I would, but that’s true of most every post on here and I’m trying to take it easy on the Publish button.

We’re about to encounter our six-month anniversary here at CSTF, with 225 posts, nearly 800 comments, and over 10,000 unique visitors to our credit (and to your credit—let’s be fair. Wouldn’t be here withoutcha.) Not stratospheric quantitatively, but a great start and it’s more about quality here, anyway. My heartfelt thanks are due to regular readers and one-night standers alike.

Also, speaking of “reading easy,” as I was waking up this morning I saw an infomercial for a product which purported that its users, after one single seven-minute lesson, are consistently able to increase their reading speeds by up to 1200 words per minute—yes, that’s 20 words per second—and they can remember it all, every word of it. They excel in college. They’re attorneys and scholars of note. It’s from Japan, and it’s here. Order now!

In other news, I managed to shave this morning without bloodshed. At my age that shouldn’t be an issue, but my facial hair has the texture of steel wool. If it’s not Scottish, it’s chrap!

Have a good day.


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  1. peoplesgeography said, on 2/7/07 at 6:40 am


    Well I dig your temporary new digs. Let there be light! Wish I had the talent and skills to conjure up a customized template myself. Until then, its others templates, and its nice to change every so often anyway.

    And while this pertains to the previous post (the one on energy), may I say just quickly for now in this comment box — great post!

  2. Curtis said, on 2/7/07 at 6:45 am

    Thanks very much! I’m off to the math lab, to be reacquainted with pre-calculus by a decade-old computer program. But then come the more palatable subjects. Hope you have a great day today tomorrow the day after tomorrow whatever day it is up there. ;-|

  3. peoplesgeography said, on 2/8/07 at 6:10 am

    ;) I quite like inhabiting the future

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