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Five Minutes with Noam Chomsky, by Niral Shah

Posted in activism, Journalism, Noam Chomsky, Politics, Social and Politics, USA by Curtis on 2/9/07

From Campus Progress, a brief interview with Noam Chomsky by intern Niral Shah:

Noam Chomsky is as prolific and controversial as ever. Beginning his career with pioneering and immense contributions to the field of linguistics and early cognitive science, Professor Chomsky of MIT turned his attention to politics during the Vietnam War…Campus Progress called Chomsky this week to talk about the current state of the globalization, the United States, activism, and why there is still hope for the future…

You are listed as one of the enemies of America in Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, The Enemy at Home. What are your thoughts on that?

NC: I feel proud, of course, just as dissidents in any country are proud to be denounced by supporters of state violence…

Your long record of dissent against U.S. policy suggests that your misgivings are certainly more enduring than the Bush administration, making prospects for change seem limited. Do you see your work as being pessimistic?

NC: First of all, you’re quite correct. The Bush administration happens to be at the extreme, or perhaps off the extreme of the spectrum, but it’s a pretty narrow spectrum. What are the chances of change? Well, we’ve seen it. Things are a lot better now than they were 30 or 40 years ago, and a lot of it’s because of people your age, who didn’t just sit and watch, but did something about it.


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