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Not-So-Faux Fur

Posted in animal cruelty, Bioethics, Fashion, Lifestyle, News by Curtis on 2/23/07

According to MSNBC, the American Humane Society has recently conducted tests on storebought “faux” furs, concluding that 24 of the 25 garments tested were mislabeled or misadvertised—meaning they contained real fur.

The coats were bought from stores such as Nordstrom’s and Tommy Hilfiger, and most violators were trimmed with fur from domestic dogs. Most of the fur, the AHS believes, originated in China.

One popular source of this fur is the “raccoon dog,” a large east Asian-native species which, according to AHS Executive Vice-President Mark Markarian, “is routinely killed by stomping on them, or beating them, or skinning them alive.” It is not illegal to import the fur of these animals into the United States.

Some of the retailers have offered recalls and refunds on the “tainted” merchandise; of course, all of them are very surprised to learn that this kind of thing goes on in their product lines.

I say the retailers should be boycotted permanently. Of course, to me, the idea of wearing truly fake fur is appreciably more humane but no less disturbingly silly than wearing real fur.


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  1. raincoaster said, on 2/23/07 at 9:11 pm

    The best fake fur I ever saw looked (from a distance) like leopard, but up close you could see that the spots were in fact Mickey Mouse heads. THAT was cute!

    And the worst real fur I ever saw was a small statue of a dog, covered in dog fur. Why do people buy these things? If you’re a dog fan, you would be drawn to dog statues…but if you’re a dog fan, why would you buy a dead dog?

    Raccoon dog, btw, is not dog; it’s an unrelated animal. But of course then the question becomes “Does it matter?” and if dog is not okay, why would tanuki (raccoon dog) be okay…and if they’re both okay, why is human not okay?

    BTW, congrats on getting into the WordPress Fastest Growing Blogs.

  2. zilla said, on 2/25/07 at 8:55 am

    Should Mario have been wearing a Tanuki suit? Oy!

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