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Dems Take White House to Task Over an Issue of Little to No Consequence

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As you’ve come to expect here at CSTF, the BBC reports:

A Congressional committee has voted to order key White House aides to testify under oath about the controversial firing of eight federal prosecutors.

The White House has offered to let the aides speak to Congress, but not under oath, and will resist the new order.

Congress wants to question Karl Rove, President Bush’s top political adviser, as well as Mr Bush’s former lawyer.

Lawmakers are probing the dismissal last year of eight US attorneys, which critics say was politically motivated.

Mr Bush’s Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, has faced calls to resign over the dismissals.

The president has thus far stood by Mr Gonzales, a long-time confidant from their days in Texas before they came to Washington together.

For God I’ll live, for God I’ll die; Somebody Ought to Testify, as the spiritual of my beloved Deep South exclaims. You simply haven’t lived until, a few hours after ingesting a small square of bitter paper, you’ve watched agog a mass gospel choir rollicking in the spirit of those words on a June night in the open air of the Tennessee countryside.

Ahem. Where were we? I don’t mean to poke fun at an opportunity to “take this administration to task” for its obsequious misanthropy; I just mean to illustrate that it’s the wrong goddamn opportunity.

With at least two million homeless in and around Iraq and hundreds of thousands dead, with spittle flying towards Teheran thanks to corrupt and disingenuous intelligence, with brokedown veterans’ hospitals in the United States of A, with Israel continuing to F, F, F-15 its way to a brighter, cleaner, bloodier hegemony over all goyim in the Middle East, and a fifty-four cents-per-gallon tariff on Brazilian cane ethanol—is this the crucible? Eight federal prosecutors? Whatever happened to Darfur, anyway? Does starvation ring a bell?

I (for one) need a nap. Sorry, world. Please disregard this post.


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  1. zilla said, on 3/21/07 at 6:56 pm

    Not disregarding; taking under advisement, as usual.

  2. Curtis said, on 3/22/07 at 4:52 am

    I know, I know; I should think of these things before I click [PUBLISH]. Sigh…

    Thank you. :-]

  3. peoplesgeography said, on 3/22/07 at 7:31 am

    I see world-weariness has set in. It beggars belief, I know. Major crimes and oversights will go unnoticed (or least unacknowledged by dem, and their game plan seems to be to sweat the small stuff. Memo to Democrats: please go for the brass ring.

  4. Test said, on 3/29/07 at 11:56 pm



  5. D-day said, on 4/1/07 at 1:51 pm

    Al Capone was brought down for tax evasion. You never know what charge will be the one to stick. Just thought I’d mention that.

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