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Top Ten Issues for Americans in 2007

Posted in activism, Journalism, mass media, media, Politics, public opinion, USA by Curtis on 9/22/07

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From Jordan Barnes of, by way of, comes this list of the “Top Ten Things Americans Want From Their Government.” The article is extensively sourced and well-written if you’d like to follow the link. If not, here are the basics:

10.) Marijuana decriminalization. A slight majority of Americans favors the federal abolition of criminal penalties for minor marijuana offenses. 41% of Americans agree that “the government should treat marijuana more or less the same way it treats alcohol.”

9.) Universal Health Care. Americans want significant changes to the current medical system, including guaranteed government coverage even if it means paying more.

8.) Stricter Campaign Finance Laws. 66% of Americans support an increasing of regulations on how politicians obtain and spend money. Regarding the 2000 Presidential Election, nearly three-fourths of participators in a survey said George W. Bush’s $70 million fundraising tally was ‘excessive and a sign of what’s wrong with politics today.’

7.) Equal Aid to Palestinians and Israelis. Increasingly dissatisfied with the Mid-east peace process, Americans want more results for their high levels of aid money to Israel. Americans favor increasing the levels of aid to the Palestinians contingent on acceptance of a negotiated peace proposal.

6.) Reducing Military Spending. When Americans were asked in a 2005 poll how they would structure the federal budget, the answers could hardly have been more clear: “Defense spending received the deepest cut, being cut on average 31 percent.”

5.) Increased Social Spending. The same poll showing Americans’ interest in cutting defense spending also pointed to areas where spending would increase if people had control over the economy. The largest increases were for social spending—education, job training & employment, medical research, and veterans’ benefits.

4.) Acceptance of the Kyoto Protocol. By a wide majority (73%) Americans agree that the United States should participate in the Kyoto Protocol.

3.) A Diplomatic Solution with Iran. Only 20 – 40% of Americans support a military strike against Iran.

2.) Pulling Troops Out of Iraq. “Most Americans support the U.S. House provision setting a timetable that calls for most U.S. troops to be out of Iraq by September 2008.” What’s more: “An overwhelming majority of 72% of American troops serving in Iraq think the U.S. should exit the country within the next year.”

1.) The Impeachment of George W. Bush. A majority of Americans supports impeachment proceedings against President Bush for either or both unauthorized wire-tapping of the public and misleading the American public about the rationale for a war with Iraq.

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