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Thou Cullionly Brazen-Faced Measle!

Posted in English, humor, Shakespeare, Word Games by Curtis on 11/24/07

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shakespeare.thumbnailMom always said not to say anything at all if you can’t say anything nice, and British statesman Charles Buxton reminded us that “silence is often the severest form of criticism.” But at those times in which you absolutely cannot restrain yourself from hurling scathing scorn at someone, why not jazz up your hatespeech with Elizabethan flair?

It’s the “Shakespearean Insulter” by Chris Seidel, adapted from a pre-existing Shakespeare Insult Kit in which one word is chosen from each of three columns: two adjectives, followed by a noun. But Seidel’s version is slicked up with some particularly pointed slander penned by Bill himself—for a more authentic Shakespearience, we presume.


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