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The Best Years of Your Life are Just Beginning!

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John Howard, whose tenure of over 11 years ended Saturday with his election loss to Kevin Rudd, may be looking for work as it now appears he will be ousted additionally from his seat in Australia’s legislature.

Rudd, according to the AP, campaigned on a platform including the withdrawal of Australian forces from Iraq and greater attention to ecological crises. Howard was known all round as a “staunch ally” of the Bush administration, a position which earned him increasing domestic criticism in recent years.

Tony Blair, the former UK PM, has taken up the role of “everyone’s envoy” to the Middle East. And, with the usual sardonic, gritty wit, Get Your War On has made a prediction for Bush’s coming retirement from the Oval Office:


So, cheers, Mr. Howard—there’s plenty ahead! Your mate George will be joining you soon enough.


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