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The Scarlet Letter Revisited

Posted in Blogging, college, Life, Personal by Curtis on 12/17/07

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I apologize that you haven’t heard very much from me lately. The offending syndrome: final exam disease with acute time mismanagement disorder. That will change over the next few weeks, as my fingers find time to start humming over the keys again during the winter break between college semesters.

It’s not in my nature to crow overmuch, but I wanted to share an accomplishment that is, at this point, a novelty in my heretofore bespangled and besmirched college career: for the fall term, over a 19-hour load that is considered full-time-and-a-half in the United States, I earned all As and a gradepoint average of 4.00.

Scarlet A

Now, I am a humble person. I don’t consider this a stunning or unique achievement, exactly. But I am proud of myself, bearing in mind that, as a highly academically-minded person, I tend nonetheless to make poor marks in school. It has always been much more important to me to know the material and to have time and resources to study it independently than merely to prove to posterity that I do—after all, it is not as if they’re paying me. And regular readers will already know that I am not the type of person to draw a direct equivalence between good grades and intelligence. This time, though, be that as it may, I buckled down, took things more seriously, and did something I had decided I was all but incapable of doing.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful holiday season. I’ll be back soon!


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