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Mission imPropable

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A Christian church in San Diego, California has posted an apologetic billboard regarding the passing of Proposition 8:


Where I live, those couldn’t be considered real Christians.

(via Queerty)

My problem with Proposition 8 is this: one can claim all day long that “the people spoke,” and indeed they did. But the Fourteenth Amendment has this cool feature known as the Equal Protection Clause, you see, one important purpose of which is to ensure that states are not able to step over the line of equal protection under the law that is supposed to be guaranteed by the federal government.

It strikes me that it ought to be part of such a provision that the people of a state—especially acting through referendum—ought not be able to just randomly f&*k about with what constitutes equal protection, and which people of what sexual preference deserve it. Leave that to the “activist” judges. Otherwise—call me crazy—we’ve just set a legal precedent for asserting that murder is only when a black person kills a white person, or, for that matter, that a homosexual is only 3/5 of a citizen. You know, for purposes of enumeration and what not.

Because of the way legal process works, it makes sense to me that state governments should to be able to make inclusive provisions regarding the EPC. Exclusive provisions such as this one are a different matter entirely and I daresay should be taken rather more seriously before being tacked right on to the end of a constitution.

I expected the vote on Prop 8 to be fairly close, purely from glancing over California demographics. Even so, I was shocked when it actually passed, and more than a little worried, since California is often looked to for leadership by progressives across the nation. I suppose it just goes to show you that there unfortunately are narrow-minded ass-hats wherever you go, even on my beloved West Coast. But my issue isn’t necessarily just that the measure passed. It’s that it was legislatively dealt with as it was, period.


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