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The Joose is no longer loose

Posted in celebrity, Crime, Hollywood, justice, law, News, O. J. Simpson, U.S. News by Curtis on 12/5/08

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From BBC News:

Ex-US football star OJ Simpson has been jailed for up to 33 years for the kidnap and armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas.

Describing Simpson as arrogant and ignorant, Judge Jackie Glass said the evidence against him was overwhelming.

He and an accomplice, Clarence Stewart, were convicted on 12 counts in October.

Simpson, eligible for parole in nine years, made an emotional plea to the court, saying he was “sorry” and “confused”. His lawyer is to appeal.

In 1995, the former Buffalo Bills player was acquitted of murdering his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman in what was dubbed “the trial of the century”.

Not that this is the most important news I could be reporting.

But, dude, he did it. Yeah, that. I mean—c’mon. I vividly remember being glued to the chase, and then watching my mom watch every freaking minute of that trial. And it went on forever and ever. Then there was the multi-million dollar acquittal. ‘Cause, if it doesn’t fit . . .

Not that this constitutes justice. He still got away with it. But at least now he’ll be where he belongs, in my humble opinion. At least for a while.


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  1. opit said, on 12/7/08 at 11:20 am

    Didn’t watch it. Couldn’t be bothered with a deal where justice would be thwarted regardless of the decision in the court.
    Much is made of the deal “Innocent until proven guilty.” I’m under the British system myself and know B.S. when it’s flogged for centuries.
    Under the Napoleonic Code you’re guilty unless proven innocent : but the penalty for false prosecution is likely the prosecutor’s career. Conversely, our way of doing things makes them headhunters with incentive to harass.
    So if he could buy his way out : the rich escape again.
    If he really didn’t do it : lost his savings to politics.
    Trial by media. With their record ?

  2. Curtis said, on 12/7/08 at 12:48 pm

    That’s a really good point–in retrospect the role of the media was the most interesting (and disheartening) aspect of the whole extravaganza.

    Something sort of primal and not-very-nice in me is just glad to see him be punished for something.

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