can’t see the forest

Have you seen this cat?

Posted in Cats, humor, photos, Uncategorized by Curtis on 6/22/09

Have You Seen This Cat

(click image for better view)

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New Avatar

Posted in Bizarre, Blogging, Cats by Curtis on 3/22/07

The more bored or more observant might have noticed my old avatar image. It was a Soviet-looking, sepia-toned letter B. A friend left the photo on my computer, and I learned only yesterday that it was actually a digitally modified photograph of a magazine ad for a mastering studio in North Carolina.

To avoid any trademark or copyright issues—and, hey, just because it’s springtime—we’re going to say goodbye to the Soviet B and move along to a brand new avatar image. It features the Nagasaki mushroom cloud and my friend’s Devon Rex, Lejoon, in such a way as to suggest the cat’s darkly ponderous persona (with which my own frequently coincides):

Lejoon’s Darkest Thoughts

Some Velvet Morning When I’m . . . A Cat

Posted in Bizarre, Cats, Music, Music Videos by Curtis on 11/28/06

From Denisemc on Youtube, check out this awesome video interpretation of that indefatigable Lee Hazelwood / Nancy Sinatra psych-pop classic Some Velvet Morning. Sure, it’s been covered by Lydia Lunch. Most certainly it has been explored by Primal Scream with help from Kate Moss. But methinks no-one has James the Cat’s intrinsic grasp of the wistful, demonic ennui of Phaedra. Dragonflies and daffodils

Just for good measure, here’s a link to the original.

Cats That Look Like Hitler

Posted in Bizarre, Cats, humor, Nazi Germany, Pets, World War II by Curtis on 11/7/06

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While we’re waiting to see if the Senate can turn blue—for irreverence, strangeness, macabre cuteness, and outright harrow, it’s hard to beat this little (actually, surprisingly sizable) site:

Cats That Look Like Hitler

Don’t tell them I sent you.

Even the Cat is for the ‘Crats

Cat for the ‘Crats

Even my sister’s cat Louise is hanging in there this evening, raising a paw in hope (or frustration? or both?) as she tracks the progress of Democrats in the 2006 mid-term elections.

I will bring you my own blasphemous and grossly misinformed analysis as events unfold.