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Curt Lindsay is a freelance writer and musician and a student living in Athens, Alabama, USA. Born there in 1980, he was encouraged by his parents to be an inquisitive and free thinker from an early age. He began reading encyclopedias and other nonfiction at the age of three and began playing piano by age four. He is a graduate of Athens High School, where he studied music with Dan Havely, history with Carole Patterson, and led the school’s Scholars’ Bowl organization through several seasons of not wholly dismal record under the tutelage of Joan Orman. Curt attended the University of North Alabama, where he studied music with Edd and Lloyd Jones, but eventually fell afoul of a college life that he came to view as distracting from his real interests and goals. Well, we grow up and we learn. Don’t we now? Since then he has lived and worked in several parts of the United States, garnering experience as a gas station attendant, financial and legal documentation specialist, and furniture mover, for a few among numerous examples.

Lindsay plays the piano, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, and other instruments and composes original music and arrangements for a variety of media and across a spectrum of genres. If you’re interested in hearing a small slice of his musical output, check here for tracks from a 2004 solo project. Curt is fluent in French and German and also has a significant understanding of Portuguese, Italian, and Latin. Linguistics has always been a Sunday study for him, and he lately has become engrossed by the grammar and syntax of Native American languages. Other interests include hiking, ecology, planetary astronomy, the history and philosophy of religion and science, and satirical fiction. And frisbee.

His favorite work of fiction is Lord of the Flies by the English novelist William Golding. His favorite piece of classical music is the ballet score Le boeuf sur le toit (‘The Cow on the Roof’) by early 20th Century French composer Darius Milhaud. His favorite dish is Thai coconut soup, and his favorite star in the sky is, in fact, the Sun.

In 2005 and 2006 Curt resided and worked in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. In late 2006 he returned to Alabama to finish school; currently he is a junior at UAHuntsville, where he is working to complete a double major in philosophy and music before venturing forth to graduate school. He studies piano literature and performance with Dr. Sarkis Baltaian, philosophy principally with Dr. William Wilkerson, and participates in a variety of musical ensembles and organizations at the university level.

His principal goal is to help humankind help itself to a heaping helping of humanity, including himself in both helping in the heaping and in the helping of the self to this heaping helping.

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